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 (This section would be updated as and when new information becomes available)

NEW July 24th: We have received fee payments from the majority of the participants. We will inform you individually next week. However, if you have not made the payment yet, this would be a good time. 

NEW July 24th: The schedule for student talks has been posted. Let us know as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns.

July 10th: The social programs page has been updated.

July 10th: We apologize that we can not yet confirm all the fee payments. We expect to do it in a couple of week. Meanwhile, if you have not sent your fee yet, please do so at the earliest or let us know if your plan has changed.

June 8th: The name of the holder of the bank account for school fee transfer is the technical university of Dresden.

June 8th: All waitlisted participants have been accepted.

June 7th: More information added to "how to arrive" section in "location" page.

June 2nd: The late registration requests have been put in the waiting list, ordered according to date/time of registration. If any of the accepted participants decide not to participate, people from the waiting list may be accommodated. 

Accepted participants, please send your school fee by 15th June, or at least let us know if for some reason you expect a delay.

May 27th: The hotel is booked from Sunday (13th Sept). We plan to have a welcome dinner on Sunday evening, tentatively starting at 19-20:00. So please plan to arrive on Sunday afternoon/evening. 

May 27th: Final list of participants prepared. Email with school fee transfer instructions sent.