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Rathen is a village in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, in Saxony, Germany, about 35 km southeast of Dresden on the Elbe River.

Rathen has between 400 and 500 inhabitants. Rathen is a popular tourist destination, the main sights are the Bastei cliffs, the Amselsee (a lake), and the outdoor theater "Felsenbühne Neurathen" (MAP OF RATHEN).

How to Reach:

Rathen is connected to Dresden via S-Bahn S1 with a train every half an hour to "Kurort Rathen" railway station. It takes 35 minutes to reach from Dresden Hbf. One can check the schedule at the DB website.

Kurort Rathen railway station, on the Dresden S-Bahn, is about 200 metres from the Oberrathen ferry terminal. To reach Amselgrund in Niederrathen, one needs to take the ferry which connects Niederrathen, on the east bank, to Oberrathen, on the west bank. For more information and a ferry timetable, check this link (in German).

Another option is to may be to arrive at Berlin, and then take a bus (see below) or train to Dresden.

For arriving in Dresden:

By Air:

Flights leave to nearly all important German cities and a few European destinations, like London, Zurich and Vienna. Low cost airlines Germanwings and Air Berlin connects to Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. Lufthansa operates flights to most domestic destinations. For more information, check Dresden Airport.

For the low cost airlines, one is advised to book early.

From the airport Dresden-Klotzsche take the city-railway (S-Bahn S2) to the Dresden Main Station (Dresden-Hauptbahnhof). It can also be can be reached by bus (line 77 and 97). For local transit in Dresden, check the DVB website.

By Train:

Dresden is served by two big train stations, one on the northern side of the Elbe, Dresden Neustadt, and one on the southern side of the Elbe, Dresden Hauptbahnhof or main train station. Regular trains leave the main train station for the rest of Germany.

By Bus:

Dresden is directly connected to Berlin airports via Berlin Linien Bus service, which is faster, cheaper and easier than train. BEWARE: Tickets can only be booked online !