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Social program

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Welcome dinner+cocktail: Starting at 19:00 on Sunday, 13th September.

Sports Tournament: Friday, 18th September. We will have facilities for Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Table Tennis and Bowling. Details are still being worked out.

Boat Trip + Lunch: We have planned a boat trip on the river Elbe on Sunday, 20th September.. We will go by train to Königstein where we will board the boats. we will have rubber boats each for 10 persons. We will start our trip in Königstein and drive downstream to Pirna. This trip will take about 3 hours (depending on weather). In Pirna we will have our lunch and after a short walk through the city, we would return to Rathen by train. We will start our trip at 10:00. The price for boat and lunch are included in the school fee. The train tickets would have to be bought individually.

Helpful hint: Having appropriate clothing for the boat trip (waterproof jackets?) may be useful!

Farewell Dinner:  At 20:00 on Wednesday, 23rd September.