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Student Talks

If you already indicated a topic but want to change it, or do not plan to present, do let us know. If you want to give a talk, but have not sent your title, please do so at the earliest, we will try to accommodate your request. Due to an unprecedented number of talks requested, all the talks will be of 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions/discussions. Participants are requested to bring their talks in USB drives, and we would not encourage the use of individual laptops because of the time constraint.

(And no, we did not use the Hogwarts sorting hat. We just tried to group talks by roughly similar topics, but it is far from perfect.)


Final Schedule:

Monday, 14.09

Michael Koehler: Investigations of 3D Silicon Strip Detectors. Slides.

Marek Chojnacki: Preparation of the SSD detector for the first physics in ALICE experiment. Slides.

Sabrina Bechet: detection of tau neutrino in IceCube. Slides.

Wilco Koppert:Gossip detector (for ATLAS sLHC). Slides.

Marten Bosma: Edge effect suppression for endless medical detectors. Slides.


Tuesday, 15.09

Melvin Meijer: SM Higgs searches at D0. Slides.

John Philip Ottersbach: VBF Higgs. Slides.

Michele Selvaggi: Discovery potential of SM Higgs Boson in the WW channel in CMS. Slides.

Jana Schaarschmidt: Discovery Potential of MSSM bbH->tautau with ATLAS. Slides.


Wednesday, 16.09

Marcel Raas: Muon Identification in the ATLAS hadronic calorimeters. Slides.

Vincent Dero: Search for new physics at the LHC through the study of the electron-positron pair mass spectrum. Slides.

Jörg Mechnich: Trigger for SUSY final states with tau leptons at ATLAS. Slides.

Nicole Ruckstuhl: Multi-lepton SUSY analysis. Slides.


Saturday, 19.09

Raoul de Rooij: Studies on combinatorial background for D0. Slides.

Mertens Philippe: Tension between K and B physics as a hint of New Physics. Slides.

Sebastian Johnert: HepMCAnalysis Tool. Slides.

Marta Verweij: Comparing energy loss phenomenology in a hot dense matter. Slides.

Hegoi Garitaonandia: Tev Scale Gravity. Slides.

Monday, 21.09

Gordon Fischer: Hadronic tau efficiency determination in first data at ATLAS (LHC). Slides.

Philipp Sturm: Studies for the Single Top Quark t-channel measurement with the ATLAS experiment. Slides.

Valentina Ferrara: ttbar Cross Section from the first LHC Data. Slides.

Jan Stillings: Measurement of the top quark mass in ATLAS using lepton transverse momenta. Slides.

Ido Mussche: Semi-leptonic top quark decay in ATLAS. Slides.


Tuesday, 22.09

Mikolaj Krzewicki: The Alice experiment. Slides.

Verwilligen Piet: Trigger Study for RPC Upscope Project of CMS. Slides.

Ivan Mous: Timing of the LHCb VELO. Slides.

Daan van Eijk: Determination of  Beta_s CKM angle in B_s -> J/Psi Phi decay channel. Slides.

Stefan Grebe: Radio detection of cosmic rays in the Pierre Auger Observatory. Slides.